A sham indeed…


Today, the arrest of the so called Godman Rampal is not just the victory of the state police but alongside, it is also a day of stomping the faith followers and believers that it had since long, accumulated. This big arrest show that took place today not only destroyed infrastructure but also did the same damage of faith and trust. In the name of spirituality, and misusing such a pure form of concept, it is a shame indeed.

With charges or rapes, murders, money laundering, accumulating weapons illegally and the list goes on, the Godman identity which many such Baba’s take fake pride with just becomes a sham in the end. What results from such revelations is not only demeaning the concept in the common people’s heads, but also affecting the mindsets of the newer generations. Such fake personalities may with the help and bribe of money, manipulate a multitude of things in their favour so as to seek and attain such stardom which in itself is corrupt and shallow, but along with it, they easily are able to deceive and cheat their bias followers.

With all this media coverage of such incidents, it is time that we see and believe things with our eyes wide open rather than being blinded by such corruption. An honest system would keep everything transparent, so that the follower, who is in hands of his/her Guru is never in doubt.

Look beyond…


I was watching a movie the other day, and the following words were said by the actor..’When you pray for patience, does God give you patience, or opportunities to be patient?’..similarly, if you pray that you start loving your family, God doesn’t inject in you sudden feelings of warmth and love, but would give you opportunities to love your family.

In this manner, one can always put the same theory at every place we wish to or pray for, and think of the opportunities and work on them. Rather than going blind on them or cursing Him for no good to you, you just might find a light at the end of the tunnel that way! The world and your life isn’t that bad after all!

Man and FB…#String 2


The Man here denotes a person be it he/she. FB is a Fake Ball, which denotes the imaginary, or the mind (just like how Tom Hanks talks to a ball in the movie Cast Away).

Man: I really want to buy all the new clothes that are trendy these days. My last month’s shopping isn’t making me feel so good honestly!

FB: hmm..you just bought a bunch recently. Don’t you think it’s smart and you can wear them at any given point of fashion as you had thought?

Man: I do, but I am still not satisfied I feel.

FB: Whom do you wish to impress?

Man: No one!

FB: Do you suddenly want to be clicked so much and be tagged on FB by your friends?

Man: No!

FB: Did anyone point out to you that you look rubbish in the way you dress or glanced at you that way?

Man: No, no one did.

FB: Are you planning to go for parties and change your routine on the weekends?

Man: No, I am still going to enjoy the way I usually do.

FB: Do you have such a minimal collection, that you are embarrassed to repeat what you already have?

Man: No, that’s really not the case!

FB: Now do you ‘really’ need to buy the trendy ones you are planning to?

Man: Umm…ahh…well….

FB: 🙂

I am not a believer…


Before you start reading this one, I want you all to know that this post is not to hurt or offend anyone in anyway, because these are my personal opinions, and I respect everyone’s point of view on the same.

So when I write the number 13 or black cat, does something obvious click in your head. Well, I am sure it does, and I am sure you know what this is going to be about, something which I am unwillingly surrounded by, but with no magic wand, have to deal with it. Something that I completely resist, and is one of my most disliked topics of discussion, superstitions and rituals.

Just because I live in India, that does not really mean that this only circulates around me. I am sure everyone has come across the same, of having to deal with them. Well, since childhood, in my society, almost every other family followed certain rituals and believed in many superstitions, I am not barring my own. Let me cite some, like do not eat non veg on Tuesdays, do not cut your nails on certain days, do not wash your hair on certain days, do not cross the road when a black cat crosses just before you, and the list goes on. I am sure if an author decides to write a book on these, the author would get hundreds and thousands of suggestions more  on what he might have missed out on or maybe to correct him, on his 400 paged book!

So where is this going? What am I trying to prove here? Well, nothing really. All these practices that people willingly or unwillingly or blindly or with passion follow, have been said to have some or the other meaning or purpose to it. Well, till now, I have been respecting that, and I always will, but seriously, I am happy with a simple non-complicated life here. I mean, how can the number 13 be considered unlucky! I have my own cousins born on that day, were they born will devil horns on their heads or are they pathetically bad to the society?! Will a number 13th floor in a building automatically cause fire to a building?! Thousands of us do not even reason out or question, or simply put, take a stand as to why are we a part of all this or have an opinion of our own!

I might sound unreasonable to people who have their valid reasons for believing in all of the above, since they might be believers of vaastu shastra, or astrology, or numerology, or whatever ‘logy’ that field of study maybe. But what my point is, if you truly respect something with a pure heart and no malice in it, you are still a good person, and God would not punish you for that. And if you truly do or believe something with no ill feelings, and always see the good in everything that you do, or experience or wish for, I don’t think Satan or God are going to decide where you should come to later after life!

A bunch of us do things, again maybe blindly, following what our ancestors might have taught our previous generations, passing on to us, for the good of our own and family. Maybe these rituals do hold a reason to it. But on other hand, if today I decide to not follow the same, will I be less liked in the society? Will I be seen as an atheist? Will I be seen as a very negative and evil minded person by people? Really?!

I feel people need to really relax a bit here, think of these things with a different perspective, because, you won’t be different from the person who eats non veg on Tuesday or cuts his nails or hair on certain days than the other person who exists in the other part of the world does. For all those whom I still have not made sense to, I respect your feelings, but if it’s me here, I am a happy person in following truly what my heart and head says, and would like to reason out why in the first place. Cheers!

Man and FB….#String 1


The Man here denotes a person be it he/she. FB is a Fake Ball, which denotes the imaginary, or the mind (just like how Tom Hanks talks to a ball in the movie Cast Away).

Man: I just fail to say ‘no’ to people when I really want to!

FB: Well, the people whom you wish to say no to, are they important to you in your life?

Man: Yes obviously! Be it my boss, or my friends!

FB: Depending upon the situation, do you feel that the person whom you may say a no or politely decline in other words, would think shallow of you?

Man: No, not shallow..but..

FB: But then, would they distrust you in a certain manner?

Man: No, not that either.

FB: Would they be so hurt in life that they may never forgive you ever?

Man: No, not that grieve!

FB: Are you committing a crime by saying that ‘no’?

FB: Then if you do not lose a person’s trust, and not even your self respect, and the person will also not disregard you to such an extent that he might just never look at you, then I don’t feel you would land up in hell if you say that ‘no’.

Man: Well…umm,,,yeah!

FB: 🙂

what you love doing…but..


I love watching movies. It’s one of those things that I might just opt at any given point in time or for that matter, any mood. Just like how I put that plainly, I think everyone has got their favorite pastime, or for some, passion. Watching movies is not my passion though, let me make that clear.

Some like reading, and might have a fancy collection, but might not have time to read. Some might like driving around on the city roads at night, but might not have the will to opt for it after a long day at work.

The other day, I was having a word with my friends whom I keep in close touch with, and we three were discussing the irony of life. Some people just might not have the time in the world, or there might be other limitations to it. Meanwhile, the person next to him might have all the time and no constraints for the same, but it might not be his/her cup of tea.

But look at the bigger picture here. All of us have or want different ways of distracting or pampering ourselves with options which go good with our likeliness. But sometimes we budge, and just follow what’s there to follow. And sometimes, we listen to our hearts.

nostalgic and my future dreams…


I still possess an old walkman or a cassette player, and I just had a glance at which year I had purchased it, and it was 2003. And after 14 years, now when I turn around at the ping I get on my fancy flat screen gadgets, I am sometimes amazed. That cassette player had been with me in my growing years, and I loved my cassette collection then. Now I love my music collection on my hard disk, which is again slimmer than the walkman!..:)

I still possess 3 camera’s, each different in its make, but one thing that is common in them is the reel that is supposed to go into them. I still fancy them, and the pictures that clicked in that format. Again, these were there in my growing years, and every time I was done with the 36 clicks on the reel, the wait to get the photo’s in hand in those small albums excited me every time. Now, being more aware of how many mega pixel each camera or lens possesses, it’s become pretty smart and quick, and an upload here and there.

With the current gen busy with selfie’s and social apps, one just cannot live in a world of denial and is more aware and expressive with the technology. Being a constant future dreamer, I really wonder what kind of formats or ways are in store for us or me, as I grow old, and would fancy again.